A Game Changer Tour was born from a trip that couple Ian Somers and Anna Plyuta took to Ukraine in the summer of 2016.

We were seeking to establish a service that provides real value to people’s lives and where we can put our passion at the forefront, which is delivering high quality customer service. As we both have extensive experience in this area, we decided to implement that in creating the perfect dating tours for men to Kiev, Ukraine.

A Game Changer Tour is the result and provides Group, Individual and Individual VIP dating tours to Kiev, Ukraine. We understand everyone is different and has their own preferences, so we designed these three tour options with you in mind which ultimately enables you to select the perfect tour fit for you and begin your journey in dating the beautiful women Ukraine has to offer.

So whatever your preference is guys we think about your needs and got you covered from start to finish!

Every aspect of our tours is catered to your requirements in finding the one for you. We have help at every turn to guide you, whether it is through the help of your assigned personal consultant / translator on the tour itself or our tour operations manager and founder Anna. 

We endeavour to create the correct blend of elements throughout our tours which enables both males and females to establish a real and meaningful relationship. On the group tour you will meet and get to know all the many ladies in attendance over two social evenings that we provide. We structure this in a speed dating format to ensure you get to do this. You will organise your one on one dates from these social evenings with the help of your consultant. Our group and individual tours run for 9 days but if you fancy staying on longer we can sort all that out for you.

“Our overall purpose is to bring couples together who have a serious relationship in mind for the future with the possibility of marriage”

Our name speaks for itself and we relate to those men who embody this spirit (The Game Changers) You know that you are in fact the man in charge of your own circumstances and always demonstrate the ability to change circumstances in your own favour. Thinking of past experiences where you have showed your true self in this regard, Ian and Anna believe that you should be rewarded for this by dating, marrying and living the beautiful life which you envisage.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage”
Anais Nin

"Our philosophy is action is the ultimate Game Changer to shape your life the way you imagine it"

Ian and Anna look forward to your journey with us in this new exciting part of your life chapter.