We believe that we can assist you in finding the same happiness in a relationship as we have found. As an international dating couple we are looking forward to the future together and that is the joy of it. We would be delighted if you joined us on our journey and then we can hear all about your story of happiness, once you find the one for you on our Game Changer Tour. Get to know us a bit better below by reading our profiles.



Ian Somers is a qualified Financial Advisor and Banking Professional. He entered the banking industry in 2012 and has worked for large companies including AIB Bank, Renault Finance and PTSB Bank in Dublin, Ireland.

Ian started out his career in 2003 where he trained as a carpenter and roofer but due to recession in Ireland he decided to go to college and gain different qualifications. He gained his degree in 2011 from Waterford Institute of Technology majoring in Business Management.

Ian is a firm believer in establishing a purpose for your life and to go after and deliver on that purpose. He accredits this to his personal and professional success. His mission for A Game Changer Tour is to give value in people's lives and connect couples who are serious about their own purpose of finding their life partner.

Qualifications: Qualified Financial Advisor, Business Management Degree, Higher Certificate in Business Studies.



Anna Plyuta has worked in the Hospitality Industry since 2010. In her professional career Anna has worked in fine dining, casual upscale dining restaurants, as well as working in an Irish bar and restaurant in the heart of Washington.D.C. In 2013 she proceeded to work in Douglas & Kaldi restaurant in Dundrum, Dublin. This is Irelands busiest shopping mall attracting 19 million in footfall each year. This provided a challenging, fast paced and fun environment for Anna to work in while also developing professionally, gaining a position of Supervisor and assuring top class customer service in each interaction.

Anna moved to Ireland from Ukraine in 2007 where she settled into Irish life with relative ease, making great friends in the process. Gaining a Hospitality Management degree in 2013, she gained a broad range of business skills combined with a thorough knowledge of the hospitality sector.

As Tour Operations Manager, Anna strives to put her passion for customer service at the forefront which she believes will create the perfect tour experience for our customers in catering to their needs. She can also give you an in depth insight into what Ukrainian Ladies are seeking in a potential partner, which will assist you in your search for the one.

Qualifications: Hospitality Management Degree, Higher Certificate in Hospitality Supervision