10 Reasons to tour (Kiev, Ukraine)

1. You are seriously committed and ready to find your life partner.
2. We have the 3 tailored dating tours for you to adventure on, as we know men can have different preferences in their endeavour to find the woman for them. We will arrange a Skype call with you and get to know you better to explain in further detail.

3. We are all about face to face interaction for potential couples to create chemistry. Some sites want to charge you to send and receive messages / photos to correspond with Ukrainian ladies. You just specify the ladies you like to us and we ask them to attend the dating events.

Our process is to Simplify, Structure & Succeed:

  • Simplify – You select your top 15 ladies from their written profiles and photos that you feel you would make a connection with while meeting at our dating events and we contact them to attend the events held on your tour.
  • Structure – Structured speed dating social evenings, two in fact, which means over two events you will get to introduce yourself and speak to the many ladies in attendance. Furthermore, these ladies all have the beauty and traditional values that Eastern European ladies are renowned for. To add to this, each individual woman has made their intentions clear of wanting to find a loving partner and serious relationship.
  • Succeed – This part is up to you and that is why we are called A Game Changer Tour. We put you in front of this many ladies and then the ball is in your court to be a man of action and ask them on dates throughout the rest of your tour days. These few days can be the difference in finding your life partner. We know this is where we create and you receive the highest value in giving you the opportunity to get to know this many ladies. Ultimately it is like anything in life, the ones who expect and are prepared for great things to happen to them are the ones who are successful.

4. We are an international dating couple, together since 2009 so we know that long term international relationships are very attainable for you also. We love learning about each other’s cultures and differences between our nationalities.  English is one of the easiest languages to learn and Anna had very limited English when she arrived in Ireland. She is now fluent in English and has a Hospitality Management Degree which she studied in English. This is all evidence to show you that language barriers do not have to be an issue unless you make it one.

5. You want to try a different approach to dating and know there is a better way to attain this. To expand your horizons and really go after what it is you desire. The life you know you should be living.  

All things are created twice, there is a mental or first creation and a physical or second creation to all things

 – Stephen Covey

  • What Stephen is implying here is that, it is all well and good having the desire (mental first creation) but if you do not take action to proceed to actually bring your desire into reality (physical second creation) you are just dreaming. Only the real Game Changers in life know you have to be a man of action and that you are rewarded for this by stepping out of your comfort zone to bring it to reality.

6. You will not find anywhere in our Tour/Products store: 

  • Products such as: buy this e-book and audio programme to get the woman of your dreams. It is worth €500.00 but for a limited time only its selling for €199.00 buy now!!
  • You will not see on our website, take our online course in how to find your bride and try charging you.
    What you see is what you get in regard to our Group, Individual and VIP Tours. It’s about turning up and then the onus is on you to bring the best version of yourself forward to get further dates after the structured speed dating social evenings.

7. You can easily avail the option of a dedicated personal consultant / translator for the entirety of your tour, they will be your confidante, matchmaker, advisor, and friend to offer you an insight into Ukrainian culture that you just will not get if you go it alone. They can advise you on the best sights, romantic places for dates in the city, the best bars and restaurants to go visit and overall make this one adventure to remember. They will accompany you at the events we hold and also on the dates you plan with the ladies you meet.

8. After your tour we provide you with assistance regarding referring you to immigration attorneys to prepare your Fiancée Visa application. We are at hand to provide English lessons for your future wife while you prepare for your life together. We also have a range of gifts and flowers that you can spoil and surprise her with, delivered right to her door in Kiev. 

9. Once you find yourself making a connection and building chemistry with a Ukrainian lady you will be blowing away by their beauty, loving nature, traditional values, selflessness qualities and overall outlook on life that you will have a greater appreciation towards life and relationships. 

10. The only thing standing in the way of your happiness is you. Tell yourself to get out of the way and come see for yourself. All enquires are welcome and just click on our contact section to get in touch to specify your tour preference and dates. See you in Ukraine Game Changers.